Information Technology

Information Technology

The accessibility of information and the ability to manage that information is a driving factor of success in every business environment. The ability to fully integrate and manage information systems is a critical component of any IT solution. Vectrus delivers effective solutions for complex Enterprise IT needs. From software engineering to secure network solutions to enterprise IT business process re-engineering, Vectrus has the experience to help you succeed in an environment where the only constant is change.

Vectrus has a successful track record of more than 20 years of quality software releases and customer satisfaction. Our employees are trained in handling sensitive and classified data for a variety of customers. Our software engineers have solid experience with applications development, complex program integrations, and integrating data from multiple sources for specific program and customer use in service of clients including the IRS, the Navy, the Army, and commercial clients.

Vectrus also assists organizations with operational testing, requirement development and strategic planning.

Vectrus’ success is built on a foundation of best practices, service focused relationships with our customers, clear visibility, an experienced and knowledgeable resource pool and a culture of quality. These values deliver cost effective solutions for our customers based on their needs and goals and with an industry leading level of quality.

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