SENTEL Wins Two FAA Recompetes!


SENTEL Corporation (SENTEL) is pleased to announce two outstanding contract wins by Chris Gates and his team supporting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With a long history of providing support under both contracts, these awards demonstrate the high confidence and trust that the FAA places in SENTEL.

FAA Independent Safety Assessment IDIQ and Task Order 1

The first award, the FAA Independent Safety Assessment IDIQ, is a five-year IDIQ contract with a ceiling of more than $31M to provide assistance in conducting audits and assessments for the FAA’s Independent Safety Assessment Team. SENTEL has been performing this work for an amazing fourteen years.

Concurrent to the IDIQ award, SENTEL received its first Task Order, valued at almost $4M. This Task Order includes many FAA tasks, one of the most important of which is the conduct and reporting of Independent Operational Assessments (IOAs). These system-level assessments are conducted in an operational environment to independently assess the operational readiness of new FAA systems and equipment before they are widely used. For each IOA, SENTEL and its small business partner, GGTI, assemble a team of operational, engineering, and editing experts to support the ISA Program Manager in charge of the task. These assignments are reviewed with the customer every month and adjusted based on the various program priorities. The ability to continually balance skill levels across multiple ongoing IOAs, and our ability to retain a highly capable and qualified staff have been hallmarks of the SENTEL support philosophy.

The proven performance and excellent reputation of everyone on the current ISA support team was one of the deciding factors of this win.

FAA Safety Management Systems Contract

SENTEL also received the FAA Safety Management Systems contract again, where to date we have provided more than six years of support as the prime contractor. In anticipation that the solicitation would come out as a small business set-aside, SENTEL leveraged its strong relationship with our small business partner, Guzman and Griffin Technologies, Inc. (GGTI) in a GGTI-prime, SENTEL-subcontractor relationship. GGTI was the ideal firm to prime this effort, as they had provided exceptional service to SENTEL as a subcontractor under the previous contract, thus, they were intimately familiar with the work to be performed. The ceiling value to SENTEL for this contract, which spans a base and four option years, is $3.66M. The scope of the FAA Safety Management Systems contract includes the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Program Management Support
  • Task 2: Engineering and Documentation Support
  • Task 3: Operations Support
  • Task 4: Tool Maintenance and Support
  • Task 5: Policy, Guidance Documentation and Training Support

We are thrilled to have maintained incumbency on both of these five year contracts, and we provide a hearty congratulations to Chris Gates and all who supported these efforts.