SENTEL Logistics Team Wins Biggest Task Order in SENTEL’s History!


SENTEL Corporation (SENTEL) is thrilled to break the news that on Friday, February 29, 2016, we were notified that we had been awarded the biggest Task Order in SENTEL’s history, topping out at $188M over five years! The scope of this task, awarded under the Army’s EAGLE IDIQ, is to provide logistics support services, including maintenance, supply and transportation to the Logistics Readiness Center at Fort Bragg. The task was competitively awarded under full and open competition regulations. Fort Bragg, home of the XVIII Airborne Corps, the 82nd Airborne Division (All American) and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, serves as a power projection platform for active and reserve component soldiers conducting operations in the Middle East and around the world. Installation logistics support requirements are demanding and continuously evolving as operational requirements change. SENTEL is honored that the Army has chosen us to support these dynamic logistics requirements. The debriefing from the government outlined the government’s rationale for the award, documenting substantial confidence in SENTEL. “The debriefing shows how much work we did to make this happen. It shows that we picked the right teammates, wrote the right technical response, and had strong past performance”, said Sandy Brucker, Vice President of Contracts. Please join us in celebrating this major win for our company. Congratulations are in order to Chet Young – VP of Logistics, and all who supported this effort resulting in an award to SENTEL. Dr. Wright said it best when he told us that “This undoubtedly is a game changer for us to build upon”.