SENTEL Joins National Chemical & Biological Defense Consortium (NCBDC)


SENTEL has joined the National Chemical & Biological Defense Consortium (NCBDC), a newly formed group focused on advancing development efforts to support the Department of Defense’s (DoD) medical pharmaceutical and diagnostic requirements as related to enhancing the mission effectiveness of military personnel. It was formed in response to the Government’s expressed interest to establish an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with industry, academia, and not-for-profit partners.

The intent is to:

  • Afford greater visibility into Government needs and priorities; provides increased ability to leverage IR&D investments to meet those needs
  • Create a channel for small companies and non-traditional suppliers to identify opportunities and establish customer relationships
  • Operate through a flexible contracting vehicle capable of multiple tasking with a single set of terms and conditions

The envisioned collaboration focuses on (but is not limited to) supporting the JPEO-CBD and their seven Joint Program Management (JPM) Offices to counter Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats. With the following near term objectives:

  • Detection: Systems and devices to identify CBRN agents and assist in making medical decisions
  • Prevention: Prophylaxis, pretreatment, and post-exposure
  • Treatment: Therapeutics (post-exposure, post-symptomatic)
  • Chemical: Medical protection against use of chemical agents

This Consortium was joined by the engineering group and the application was completed by Joe Mongeon and Kelly Zeh, who will be vetting and leading the responses as requests are sent to the consortium.