Cerberus Security Sensor Mobile Tower

  1. Mobile Integrated Sensor Suite Detection, Assessment, Auto Slews to Alarm cues
  2. Integrated Power and Wireless Link
  3. Network multi-towers
  4. A Force multiplier - extension of users' eyes and ears
  5. Scalable in Performance - physical security and "standoff" chemical monitoring
  6. Multi mission Arch - perimeter, ports, borders
  7. Remote Data Relay (RDR) System “Brain Box”—management of all sensor integration logic and sensor control at the RDR node

Cerberus – For Perimeter and Border Security

Cerberus uses ground surveillance radar, tower-mounted cameras, video motion detection, laser range finding, differential GPS, and strategically targeted sensors to provide multi-dimensional, fully networked perimeter/border security for Sensor Integration, border control and up to 360-degree coverage of campus areas and building approaches. It integrates cameras, sensors, and radar to effect a robust command and control and early warning of impending threats.





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