SENTEL Wins Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD) IDIQ as a Subcontractor to Excelis


SENTEL Corporation (SENTEL) is pleased to announce that the firm has been awarded the Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD) IDIQ Contract as a subcontractor to Excelis, Inc. Excelis is one of 16 contractors to win this five-year contract, issued by the U.S. Army Materiel Command Army Research Laboratory. The contract consists of one 24-month base ordering period and two 18-month optional ordering periods and has an $800M ceiling value. Under the AEWD contract, new technologies related to expeditionary warfare will be developed, tested, and demonstrated. The ultimate goal is to provide timely response in enhancing Army Expeditionary Forces, Joint Warfighters with Army Components, and organizations that encounter and influence agile/adaptable threats. Expeditionary warfare involves rapidly deployable military forces operating overseas and away from their bases. Encompassed under the scope of this contract is applied research, advanced technology development, demonstration and validation, and operational systems development in support of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), and other government agencies that are involved with expeditionary warfare technology research. Please join us in congratulating Michael Smith – VP of Engineering, and all who supported this effort resulting in an award to SENTEL.

SENTEL Wins Contracting of Yearly Operational Test & Evaluation (COYOTE) – South Task Order


SENTEL Corporation (SENTEL) is pleased to announce that the firm has been awarded a Task Order under the Navy Medicine Omnibus III IDIQ Contract as a subcontractor to Universal Consulting Services, Inc. This three-year Task Order, valued at more than $3.7M, supports the Air Force Medical Evaluation Support Activity (AFMESA), specifically the South location at Lackland AFB, Texas under the Air Force Medical Information Systems Test Bed (AFMISTB) Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) Program. Under the leadership of SENTEL’s Program Manager, Jeff Owen, SENTEL will provide test and evaluation assessments of various medical items that could have a life or death impact on U.S. Service Members. Such assessments are designed for rapid, early identification and quantification of the survivability, suitability, and effectiveness of medical modernization technologies, and will be used to technically substantiate potential DoD acquisition decisions in support of operational requirements. Of note is the fact that SENTEL has been performing this identical work for the AFMESA customer for more than 10 years. We are honored to continue this important and growing mission. Hearty congratulations go out to Elizabeth McCarthy – VP of Information Technology Solutions, and all who supported this effort resulting in an award to SENTEL.

SENTEL Celebrates 25 Years of Supporting the U.S. Military in King George


Grouped image showing SENTEL celebration of 25 years celebrating the US Military at our Dahlgren facility

The following article was published on September 30, 2015 in The Journal Press, a weekly newspaper serving King George and Westmoreland counties and the Town of King George in Virginia. The author of the article is George Whitehurst.

In a solid, often-overlooked brick building on U.S. 301 operates an engineering firm that provides cutting-edge services to meet America’s national security needs.

For more than 20 years, the team in the King George office of SENTEL has devised solutions for security challenges for spots ranging from that last Cold War holdout, the Korean Peninsula, to the multiple fronts of the global War on Terror.

SENTEL held a Sept. 25, 2015 open house to celebrate its achievements and to re-introduce itself to the community.

Visitors streamed into the office during the four-hour event to get a glimpse of projects ranging from an independently operating robotic rover to a system of sophisticated instruments that can detect biological and chemical hazards.

Kelly Zeh, manager of SENTEL’s work on the Project JUPITR Program, showed off the series of sensors used to detect biological and chemical weapons hazards along the border between North Korea and South Korea. Assisting her was Daniel Parker, a software engineer, who ran a simulation of a biological hazard “incident” near the 38th Parallel of the Korean peninsula.

Peter Maxwell and Rob McGuire demonstrated an Autonomous Remote Platform, which can be used to map buildings and other areas of combat zones in order to lessen the risk to American soldiers preparing to advance.

Joe Landries, a software engineer, demonstrated the RDR Web Sensor Platform. The system allows military and law enforcement personnel to use handheld sensors to detect a variety of threats. The system was used in Rio De Janeiro to monitor crowds and search for threats during the World Cup soccer tournament.

Gen. William “Kip” Ward, USA (Ret.), SENTEL’s president, mingled with the staff – shaking hands and sharing some laughs. He gave a short pep talk praising the group for its teamwork and reminding them that the men and women of the United States armed forces rely on individuals, such as the exemplary individuals that make up Team SENTEL.

“It’s really an honor… to recognize this team for what you do,” he declared.

Ward urged the staff to keep striving for higher levels as a means of “improving the foxhole.”

“When we do that, we are all elevated, and the team is elevated,” he said. “That’s how SENTEL will continue to forge ahead.”

Founded in 1986 as an engineering company, SENTEL initially focused primarily on electromagnetic capabilities and sensor integration. The company’s array of services has grown to include integrated logistics, IT, intelligence and engineering.

Black Enterprise magazine recently ranked SENTEL 37th on its list of top Industrial/Services Companies.

SENTEL Wins the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Dahlgren Division’s EMAC Task Order


SENTEL’s engineering team has done it again! We are pleased to announce that SENTEL has won the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Dahlgren Division’s (NSWCDD) Electromagnetic Assurance Center (EMAC) Task Order, supporting the Electromagnetic Effects Division (Q50) as a subcontractor to AECOM (formerly URS) under the Seaport-e contract vehicle. Significantly, SENTEL will continue providing support in Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Test, Evaluation, & Integration of new technologies for the Government Department’s Sea, Air, or Land (SAL) platform environments. This $2.5M, five year, follow-on task order is a testament to the fine work that SENTEL’s team, under John Smith’s leadership, has been doing.

Congratulations to Michael Smith – VP of Engineering and his entire team for leading us to another significant win!

SENTEL Wins Two Joint USFK Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition (JUPITR) Task Orders


SENTEL Corporation (SENTEL) is pleased to announce that on July 17, 2015, the firm won a $550K Task Order under the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Mission Support Contract as a subcontractor to Leidos! The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO CBD) is responsible for development, production, and fielding of CBRN detection and identification systems. The JPEO CBD is conducting the JUPITR program to fill known operational gaps in biological agent detection and identification. Under this Task Order, SENTEL will provide software and hardware development, interface upgrades, and system integration specifications. We will modify the current Sensor Management System and Command Post in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear fixed site platform software. Our objective is to build on a successful operational demonstration in South Korea with an enhanced cyber security solution keeping Information Assurance compliance in mind. In addition, SENTEL was awarded the JUPITR Whole System Live Agent Test (WSLAT) Task Order under the Homeland Defense & Security Technical Area (HDTAT) contract as a subcontractor to National Security Information Associates, LLC. Our engineers will support biodetection sensor evaluation at Dugway Proving Ground, UT in the state-of-the-art biological agent WSLAT aerosol chamber. SENTEL began its support to the JUPITR project in June 2014. All together the team spent approximately 2 months in Korea supporting a successful Operational Demonstration. The resounding positive feedback received from our customer is a tribute to the outstanding work these SENTEL ambassadors provided: “…the team I worked with was one that I respect greatly and am amazed at how well we came together on a common path to execute something that seemed near impossible in the timeline we were given. As I move into my new role at headquarters JPEO I hope to keep continued contact with your folks and would consider them as a key asset in any new challenges that arise in my new position.” We heartily congratulate Michael Smith – VP of Engineering, and all who supported this effort resulting in an award to SENTEL.

SENTEL Board of Directors Member and Retired U.S. Army General Johnnie Wilson Visits His Namesake Middle School in Lorain


Photo of Retired US Army General Johnnie Wilson Visits His Namesake Middle School in Lorain

LORAIN – Striving for excellence means General Johnnie Wilson visits students annually at a Lorain middle school that bears his name.

During a power lunch on June 5 in the library at General Johnnie Wilson Middle School, Wilson and his wife of 50 years, Helen, challenged about 30 honor students to be the masters of their trades.

“It doesn’t matter what occupation you want to be in,” Wilson said, “…you want to be the best of the best.”

Extra effort in school, diligence in studies and hard work begin to pay back right away, Wilson said.

“When you move forward, they will say, ‘…those are students from General Johnnie Wilson Middle School,’ ” Wilson said.

Wilson encouraged students to stay in touch with their families, adding he and his wife travel to states across the country to visit their seven grandchildren.

“They may say, ‘Wow. Why are they always picking about the grades?’” Wilson said. “Because it’s important. One of our granddaughters says, ‘No Pops. Don’t have any homework. Don’t want any homework.’ ”

Even if students earn great grades, they can do better, Wilson said. He praised the group for 99 percent attendance during the Ohio Achievement Assessments. He encouraged them to act with a view of life ahead.

“Stay out of trouble,” Wilson said, “that will follow you.”

During the 38 years Wilson served in the United States Army, his family moved 29 times throughout the world.

The rank of a general requires academic credentials and carries heavy responsibility, Wilson said.

“When you go off to conflict, that’s a tough decision,” Wilson said, “…because people are going to get hurt. Every time someone got hurt, it’s like that was my own son or daughter. Mrs. Wilson also has tremendous responsibilities, because we have families involved. Mrs. Wilson sat around the table with the generals to tell them about the needs of the families.”

Even though Wilson walked through many tough experiences, he would never trade a day of being a general, he said. Growing up as the second of 12 children in the family prepared him for military service.

“I worked two and sometimes three jobs to help my parents,” Wilson said. “I used to carry the Lorain Journal newspaper. I worked at the Elyria Country Club. I would hitchhike there with friends and carry the bags.”

He helped family members clean a theater after shows, he said. Wanting to attend The Ohio State University, but having no money for college, Wilson saw a poster about serving in the military.

Since he was 17 at the time, he convinced his reluctant mother to sign the papers for him to become a soldier.

“In your life you always come to the fork in the road,” Wilson said. “You have to be prepared. Make your decision. Do the best you can. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re extremely comfortable with that, and you know you have done your best, you have to declare success.”

Be persistent in caring for people, Wilson said.

“If you can’t work with people, then you can’t lead,” Wilson said. “People will follow you if they know you care for them.”
Students responded to Wilson’s message and presence.

“It was great,” said Marius Hernandez, an eighth grader. “I saw I have to strive for greatness just to be like him.”
Destie Fred, also an eighth grader, said meeting Wilson for the first time felt good.

“I didn’t know he had such a good life experience,” Fred said. “He’s been to a lot of places and that was cool, and I would like to be like him. It will give me ideas. He inspires me.”

Michael Scott, principal of General Johnnie Wilson Middle School, said Wilson calls him often on the telephone to ask about the students, their attendance, and test scores.

“We’re grateful he takes the time to come back each year and speak to us,” Scott said. “He’s a great teacher.”

SENTEL Wins EAGLE Task Order for Logistics Services at Yuma Proving Grounds


SENTEL Corporation (SENTEL) combined forces with Infinite Services & Solutions, Inc. (Infinite) to win the Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE) Task Order to provide Logistics Support Services for Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona. As subcontractor to Infinite, SENTEL and the team are responsible for providing the following services:

  • Consolidated Installation Property Book Office (Asset Management Services)
  • Installation Supply Support Activity (Retail Supply Services)
  • Hazardous Material (Handling, Storage, and Disposition)
  • Personal Property Operations
  • Rail Operations
  • Materiel Movements
  • Equipment Pool Operations

This contract will be supported by 17 of SENTEL’s personnel over a base year period with four, one-year options. SENTEL is honored to have the opportunity to provide our services to the Army program staff stationed at Yuma Proving Grounds. This award marks another success for SENTEL and our longstanding partner, Infinite.

Congratulations to Chet Young, Vice President of Logistics at SENTEL and his team for this significant win!

SENTEL Wins Two FAA Recompetes!


SENTEL Corporation (SENTEL) is pleased to announce two outstanding contract wins by Chris Gates and his team supporting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With a long history of providing support under both contracts, these awards demonstrate the high confidence and trust that the FAA places in SENTEL.

FAA Independent Safety Assessment IDIQ and Task Order 1

The first award, the FAA Independent Safety Assessment IDIQ, is a five-year IDIQ contract with a ceiling of more than $31M to provide assistance in conducting audits and assessments for the FAA’s Independent Safety Assessment Team. SENTEL has been performing this work for an amazing fourteen years.

Concurrent to the IDIQ award, SENTEL received its first Task Order, valued at almost $4M. This Task Order includes many FAA tasks, one of the most important of which is the conduct and reporting of Independent Operational Assessments (IOAs). These system-level assessments are conducted in an operational environment to independently assess the operational readiness of new FAA systems and equipment before they are widely used. For each IOA, SENTEL and its small business partner, GGTI, assemble a team of operational, engineering, and editing experts to support the ISA Program Manager in charge of the task. These assignments are reviewed with the customer every month and adjusted based on the various program priorities. The ability to continually balance skill levels across multiple ongoing IOAs, and our ability to retain a highly capable and qualified staff have been hallmarks of the SENTEL support philosophy.

The proven performance and excellent reputation of everyone on the current ISA support team was one of the deciding factors of this win.

FAA Safety Management Systems Contract

SENTEL also received the FAA Safety Management Systems contract again, where to date we have provided more than six years of support as the prime contractor. In anticipation that the solicitation would come out as a small business set-aside, SENTEL leveraged its strong relationship with our small business partner, Guzman and Griffin Technologies, Inc. (GGTI) in a GGTI-prime, SENTEL-subcontractor relationship. GGTI was the ideal firm to prime this effort, as they had provided exceptional service to SENTEL as a subcontractor under the previous contract, thus, they were intimately familiar with the work to be performed. The ceiling value to SENTEL for this contract, which spans a base and four option years, is $3.66M. The scope of the FAA Safety Management Systems contract includes the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Program Management Support
  • Task 2: Engineering and Documentation Support
  • Task 3: Operations Support
  • Task 4: Tool Maintenance and Support
  • Task 5: Policy, Guidance Documentation and Training Support

We are thrilled to have maintained incumbency on both of these five year contracts, and we provide a hearty congratulations to Chris Gates and all who supported these efforts.

SENTEL Wins the Army’s Technical Information Engineering Services (TIES) IDIQ Contract


SENTEL Corporation is pleased to announce that on May 8, 2015, the Army Contracting Command awarded the Technical Information Engineering Services (TIES) contract to nine firms, including SENTEL’s prime contractor, Booz Allen. The scope of this multi-million dollar IDIQ contract is to provide operational, program management, technical, engineering, integration, prototype development and fabrication, program support services and products necessary for I2WD to meet its mission and customer needs.

SPAWAR’s Command Wide Administrative Support Services IDIQ


Command Wide Administrative Support Services IDIQ contract was awarded to five firms, including SENTEL’s prime contractor, Infinite Services Solutions, Inc. The mission of SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston is to engineer, deliver and support fully integrated, interoperable information technology systems through dedicated warfighter focus, professional employee development, industry partnership, and continuous process and product improvement. The scope of the firm fixed price task orders awarded under this contract include administrative services, security services, finance competency, facilities, communications, and public affairs support for all of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic (SSC Atlantic). This 8(a) set-aside contract has a ceiling value of $48.1M for the base period and four option years.

SENTEL is excited to further develop its strong relationship with Infinite Services Solutions, Inc. (ISS). ISS has served as a trusted, long-standing subcontractor on our Integrated Logistics Support Services contract, while concurrently SENTEL is supporting ISS at Robbins Air Force Base providing advisory and assistance support services. ISS participates in both the 8(a) and HubZone programs, providing logistics support, training, maintenance, information technology, and systems engineering and integration.

Congratulations to Chet Young and his team for this significant win!