AESOP Ver. 3.2 was Accepted by Naval Surface Warfare Center

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SENTEL Corporation is proud to announce that the Afloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program (AESOP) Version 3.2 was accepted this week by Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD), Dahlgren, VA. In turn, NSWCDD released AESOP 3.2 for delivery to the Warfighter. SENTEL Fleet Support personnel began immediate replication, packaging, and shipment of the 3.2 material.

AESOP develops the Operational Tasking Communication (OPTASK COMM) and combat systems radar frequency plans for use by U.S. and allied navies to maximize electromagnetic compatibility and minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI). AESOP uses verified radar, communication and propagation models to consider U.S. and foreign EMI impacts to strike group operations. AESOP adheres to national and international frequency regulations to achieve proper emission control (EMCON); clear communications; increased visibility of surface and air targets and tracks, increased probability of radar-guided missile intercepts, reduced system susceptibility to clutter and jamming, compliance with treaties or agreements involving frequencies, and compliance with spectrum reallocation enacted by Congress

With an emphasis on supporting the warfighter, this version of AESOP contains both new capabilities and enhancements which optimize the spectrum planning functionality and includes features requested directly by fleet users, the Navy Marine Corps Spectrum Offices (NMCSOs) and Joint spectrum planners.

SENTEL Corporation designed, developed, and has continues support of AESOP, support that spans 20+ years. SENTEL is proud of its role in supporting the Fleet and the Warfighter, as the Navy continues its role of dominance of the seas.