Ethical Business Practices

Ethical Business Practices

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Our company is dedicated to its clients and employees. A core tenant of this dedication is our maintenance of the highest possible ethical standards worldwide. Vectrus’ Ethics and Compliance Program fosters the creation of an environment in which ethical business practices are at the forefront of every employee’s activities, and where there are resources readily available to ensure that staff always makes ethical decisions at the workplace.

Vectrus believes that a professional Ethics and Compliance Program is a sound business practice. It reassures our clients and fellow employees that we take the integrity of our business extremely seriously. Within Vectrus, we promote ethical and trustworthy behavior and actions from our executives, managers, and employees. By developing and enforcing a formal program, we share this message with the rest of the world.

Our core values include:

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  • Leadership
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Accountability
  • Trustworthiness

All possible ethical violations, including anonymous concerns, brought to the attention of the Ethics & Compliance Office will be investigated to the greatest extent possible. When reporting a possible violation, remember that the information you disclose must be as complete as possible to enable us to conduct a thorough investigation. If possible, the Ethics & Compliance Office will contact the complainant upon completion of the investigation to communicate case closure.

There are many anonymous methods to contact the Ethics & Compliance Office:

  • Emails sent from a non-identifying email address (i.e.
  • Emails sent from an anonymous mailing service (i.e.,
  • Anonymous submission via the Vectrus WebForm
  • Direct phone calls to the Ethics and Compliance Office with no identifying caller information disclosed
  • Letters with no return address and no identifying sender information disclosed


Help-line:(866) 822-3736
Direct:(571) 481-2026
Address:2800 Eisenhower Ave - Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314
Web Reporting Form:Access Form Here

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After you get in touch with the Ethics & Compliance Office, Vectrus may pursue your concerns in several ways. Vectrus may simply provide you an advisory response if you have left contact information, request an investigation, or refer the concerns to the appropriate office. The duration of the investigation may range anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the nature of the inquiry.

Vectrus prohibits retaliation for utilizing the Ethics and Compliance Office or making Vectrus aware of any possible ethical concern. Employees that feel that someone is retaliating against you for using any of the options of the Ethics & Compliance program, contact a higher level employee in your chain of command, your Human Resources Department, the Ethics and Compliance Office, or the Vectrus ethics helpline for assistance.